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Time to move beyond online and classroom learning?

Agile Action Learning

We help launch Agile Action Learning.

“In two hours, I accomplished more through the action learning process

 than I would have achieved in six months.”

                                                                              ~ Doug Park, Director, Microsoft Xbox Support

Action learning has rapidly become one of the most popular and powerful tools used by organizations around the world. Its capacity to provide the tremendous benefits of problem solving and individual, team, and organizational development at minimal costs and in relatively short timeframes makes it a cost-effective resource for corporate success.
The process involves a group of 4-8 employees working together on one or more problems, challenges, or opportunities for a set period of time, through blending a limited structure with extensive communication and design freedom, facilitated by a professional coach.

Organizational Outcomes


  • Breakthrough problem solving

  • Developing leaders and teams of leaders

  • Building powerful teams

  • Developing systems thinking and creativity

  • Creating learning cultures & organizations

  • Developing coaching capability & skills

Participant Outcomes


  • Better listening skills

  • Increased self-awareness

  • Increased confidence

  • Learn more proactive than reactive problem solving

  • Enhanced decision-making skills

  • Better at giving & accepting feedback

  • Improved handling of difficult conversations

  • Ability to approach situations from a broader and more varied perspective

Target Audience


  • Leaders

  • Managers

  • Supervisors

  • Staff

“It is action learning’s remarkable ability to harness the powers of problem-solving, team building, organizational learning, leadership development, and professional improvement, I have found the answer that I have spent my business life searching for!”

                                                  ~ William Teo, Managing Director

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