Conflict Coaching

"Conflict can not survive without your participation."
 ~ Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Certified for Conflict Coaching, we utilize a set of skills and strategies to support an individuals' ability to engage in, manage, or productively resolve conflict. Working one-on-one with clients experiencing conflict within a workplace or relationship, you will develop a positive path forward. Can't see a way out of your conflict? 

Sometimes another party to a conflict has no interest in resolving it. By taking steps to understand the foundational aspects of the conflict, the dynamics and systems involved, a person can strengthen their own ability to manage it, take control of the situation and move forward in a successful direction. The path forward can be much better than the path already travelled when insight, understanding, and options are clearer.

Privately and confidentiality engaging with a coach can be a powerful tool to help manage a conflict.  A coach can help guide a client to think through multiple aspects of a conflict and consider options to improve the situation.  A coach can prepare a client to better handle a situation by asking key questions, providing feedback, offering insights, and especially by active listening. While useful at any stage of a conflict, both formally and informally, working with a coach who is an expert on conflict dynamics will prepare you with confidence to address and move forward in any situation. Looking to repair or preserve a work relationship or large barrier to effective communication with another? 

After helping guide many people successfully through difficult workplace conflicts, you can be assured that we can help you develop a path forward for your difficult situation, often after only a single session or two. Don't delay in improving your important relationships. Schedule a complimentary coaching discussion today!

Staff Meeting

"A good manager doesn't try to eliminate conflict; he tries to keep it from wasting the energies of his people. If you're the boss and your people fight you openly when they think that you are wrong--that's healthy." 

 ~ Robert Townsend