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Free Business Coaching Webinar

Explore how CEOs & Executive Leadership Teams can maximize the customer life cycle through a systematic approach to help drive your organization to improved success!

November 10th @11am pt

Jerome Dickey

I'm Jerome

Jerome’s passion and practice is transforming business through people by elevating the success of CEO’s and leadership teams. Through co-created partnerships with clients, Jerome is a specialist in leveraging and aligning purpose with plans, ensuring results with a positive impact on customers, employees and other stakeholders.

Business Coach & Workplace Expert with 20+ Years of Professional Experience.

You Will Learn 


Why your Core Customer defines Business success.


How the Customer Lifecycle drives Revenue Growth.


Tools to make defining your Core Customer easy.

“It's not enough to define your customer as a market statistic - you can't get to know a statistic.” 

Robert Bloom, The Inside Advantage

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