Growing Relationships Creates Healthy & Productive Workplaces!

Successful businesses and organizations create healthy and productive workplaces by growing relationships. Differences of opinion, thinking, experiences, and values often creates challenges and varying levels of conflict between people and within teams. Limited conflict under the right circumstances can be healthy, valuable and productive, encouraging new ideas, innovation and diversity of thought.

If your workplace needs to become healthy and productive, we can help! 

Leaders who lack conflict management skills and avoid conflict often end up being less effective at achieving their defined business objectives, have more trouble managing people and being fulfilled by their job.

Unresolved conflict can also have a negative impact on the leader-employee relationship. For example, it can result in eroded trust, decreased motivation, lowered morale, increased stress and health risks, decreased performance and productivity, increased absenteeism and presenteeism, and employees quitting.
"Unfortunately, conflict is considered taboo in many situations, especially at work"
~ The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
Working with a person or parties to a conflict on an individual and confidential basis, we will explore the issue, explore options and help prepare the person or parties to manage or resolve the conflict with enhanced thinking, skills and approaches.
Mediator leads and facilitates a process which brings together parties to a conflict for a joint, collaborative discussion to resolve issues and agree on path forward. 
Leaders, managers, and teams, learn to identify the five styles of responding to conflict. Each style can be strength or barrier to building productive relationships.