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Need an investigation to find the facts?


Get the facts. Find the truth.

Improve your organization.

Contact us to get your investigation launched fast.
If you need legal representation or advice, we will recommend qualified lawyers and professional partners.
"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance."
                                                                                                                                - Albert Einstein

As a qualified external investigator, I can help ensure timely, comprehensive and unbiased investigations, including harassment are completed in an acceptable timeframe to reduce legal liability and prevent additional costs associated with delays. Today, a respectful workplace free of harassement is not only a requirement of employers but is essential for any organization working to build a highly engaged employee group and a culture that supports employee success.  

What an investigation looks like:
  1. Initial discussion with you the reasons for the investigation

  2. Planning the steps required and necessary to complete the investigation in a timely manner

  3. Interview relevant parties and review evidence

  4. Provide a final, detailed report summerizing all key findings

  5. If you request recommendations, will provide specific ones to address key findings  

Why hire me as your external investigator?
  • As a neutral third party, employees are more likely to feel comfortable and be open with the investigation process

  • Often more cost effective than engaging the services of a lawyer 

  • Usually can be conducted and completed faster than an internal investigator

  • Reduce the risk of a lawsuit

  • All parties will be treated fairly, impartially and with required due process

  • No internal organizational biases

  • Can provide mediation, conflict coaching and other solutions to address key findings 

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