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7 Attributes of Agile Growth
"Execution is the abiliity to mesh strategy with reality, align people with goals, and achieve the promised results."  ~ Larry Bossidy

Consider these critical questions(1)...

  • Can you state your firm's strategy simply?

  • Do you have a one page strategic plan?

  • Are you utilizing the critical activities that distinguish great managers?

  • Do your core values underpin your culture and help define a leading edge strategy?

  • Is more than one person accountable?

  • Are all stakeholders happy and engaged in the business?

  • Are the 3 fundamentals of complexity creating barriers to success?

  • Do you have the right leaderships skills aligned to your strategic plan?

  • Are you building momentum and energy by hitting specific targets?

  • Do you have too many meetings or lack a meeting rhythm?

  • Are your financials hidden away in accounting?

  • Are important ideas walking out the door at the end of every day?

  • Are all processes running withut drama?

  • Do you have a comprehensive strategic framework?


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