Does your default conflict style

prevent good relationships?

Conflict Styles

Style matters.

The Kraybill Conflict Style Inventory

Style Matters gives the reader a simple tool for understanding five common styles of dealing with conflict: Directing, Avoiding, Harmonizing, Problem-Solving, and Compromising. Readers take a short test and get a score in each style that helps them assess how much they use that style.

  • What is your default conflict style and how does it impact your ability to deal with conflict?

  • How can understanding and utilizing different conflict styles build stronger workplace

       teams and enhance organizational success?

Contact me to facilitate the Style Matters Inventory for individuals, small groups or large teams to help in managing relationships. This inventory was developed by Dr. Ron Kraybill who created the Conflict Style Inventory (KCSI) built around the Mouton-Blake grid, which identifies five styles of responding to conflict, calling them

Directing, Harmonizing, Avoiding, Cooperating, and Compromising.

Style Matters Report
5 Styles of Responding to Conflict