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What is the #1 way to ensure teamwork?

"Working agreements are central to team success"
~ Professor Peter Hawkins

We help built teams that work together.

Research has provided the strongest evidence to date that Team Charters (aka Agreements) are essential for team success! By engaging in team based discussion early in the formation of a team, expectations and accountability are quickly established, enhancing the performance of a team. Clear standards of performance are quickly established while drawing on common values and the strengths of individual members. The result is higher-performing teams reaching their goals with higher engagement and less conflicts.
Working Agreement
Negotiating a Team Charter is a very effective way to build initial communication foundations and later on, sorting out a dysfunctional team. Objectives can be confirmed, goals structured and agreed, roles aligned, and resources recommitted. Once the initial version is drafted, people can be asked to commit to the Team Charter, and issues and challenges can be managed appropriately.
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