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WHY do you do WHAT you do and HOW you do it?

What's your WHY?
"Any person can explain WHAT they do; some can explain HOW they are different or better; but very few can clearly articulate WHY. WHY is not about money or profit - those are results.
WHY is the thing that inspires us and inspires those around us."
~ Simon Sinek
Your WHY is your gift! 
Want to know what your WHY is?
WHY Discovery
Simon Sinek Start With WHY video

Your WHY Discovery includes:

WHY Discovery Summary:

​Your personal WHY.

Quick Summary.

Short video with details about the characteristics of your WHY, the challenges that
come with your WHY, and the solutions to those challenges.

What percentage of people how your WHY.



The Solution.

Personal Relationship.

Work Relationships.

Personal Relationship.

Career Choices.

Phrases someone with your WHY would say.

Phrases that describe you.

Famous people with your WHY.

•Key information that will help you build a personal roadmap to future success.

•A live consultation with Jerome to:

Review your WHY

Determine your HOW

Reveal your WHAT


You have to know your WHY first.
It’s the essential first step that must be taken before you pick a career, build your brand, or hire your team.
Before you do anything else — Discover Your WHY.
Participants will use a revolutionary assessment tool to answer about 10-12 questions (from a curated collection of over 1500 possible options). A one-of-a-kind algorithm uses your answers to select the next question, and also triple checks your responses to ensure that the WHY revealed is truly what drives you. The most amazing part is that it only takes 5 minutes.

The 9 WHYs:

1. Contribute: To contribute to a greater cause, make a difference, add value or have an impact
2. Trust: To create relationships based on trust
3. Make Sense: To make sense out of things, especially if complex or complicated
4. Better Way: To find a better way and share it
5. Right Way: To do things the right way
6. Challenge: To think differently and challenge the status quo
7. Master: To seek mastery and understanding
8. Clarify: To clarify or create clarity
9. Simplify: To simplify

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