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What's Your WHY?

From starting out as a passionate young adult with an insatiable thirst for learning, I quickly embraced both formal education and practical experience with equal bravado! The blind spots were everywhere.


While attending university, first for science then shifting into business, I took on a mix of manual and mental jobs to experience different opportunities and ultimately discover where my interests and strengths were to develop over the long-term. I worked in a wood mill, ran my own home services business, dispatched for a bus company, tried my hand at retail sales, and worked in logistics. It wasn’t until I was invited by a relative to join the exciting world of air transportation in my early 20’s that my critical thinking skills ignited with a multitude of large organizational practices.


It was exciting to see what could happen when teams and large work groups were organized and led through various programs with leadership to address workplace challenges. Over the next twenty years I developed my personal insights into practical leadership and management through re-organizations, transformations, expansions and downsizing at organizations such as BC Hydro, Air Canada, and AC Technical Services.  


Recently, I have been fortunate to gain clarity on my Why, which is a critical guide for every leader. My Why is to simplify. I strive to streamline things by thinking differently and challenging the status quo to innovate. Today, as a business & leadership growth coach, agile advisor and workplace expert to CEO’s, leaders, and leadership teams seeking improved levels of performance, I bring forward my Why as an integral part every day to help clients to step into the future, as their guide.


If you are a CEO, Founder or Senior Leader, you are not alone!

Good help might be hard to find but an exceptional Agile Growth Coach is even harder to find. Reach out today! As Marshall Goldsmith says, “What got you here won’t get you there.”

​In addition to extensive organizational experience, continuous personal growth and learning has led me to earn a Master of Arts in Leadership degree, the coveted International Coaching Federation PCC designation, UBC's globally recognized Certified Organizational Coach designation, certification as 7 Attributes of Agile Growth® Gravitas Coach, Chartered Professional in Human Resources, and Qualified Mediator.

Working with clients is not just a profession for me, it is a passion to create workplaces that bring out the best in people to enhance both the performance of the organization and individual success. 

I call this "Transforming Business Through People". It's what motivates me!

I work with CEOs, Founders, and Leaders who are seeking above-average growth in their SME business, professional and personal lives to find it through dedicated learning and committed action to attain higher levels of performance.

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"If organisations become better places for their people, they will ultimately be more effective in their purpose, whatever that may be."

~ A Field Guide for Organisation Development: Taking Theory into Practice

Our Team

You can't build your business alone, neither can we! Agile Work Solutions partners with a large network of professionals to ensure every challenge has a solution. We're confident we can assess your needs to ensure the right resources can be provided before you invest time and money in our services. 

Our Services

Our services and products come with years of collective experience. This experience when combined with an agile approach to workplace issues means solutions are crafted with you, for your unique organizational requirements. We integrate and stand behind our work.

Our Expertise

Combining years of leadership, management and employee experience along with current research, trends, and scholarly thinking brings forward global expertise and practical action to get results.

Investing in continuous development, learning, and growth to serve you better
7 Attributes Certified Coach
Royal Roads University
CPHR Designation
Richmond Chamber of Commerce
Serving our communities and giving back through volunteer time and services with
Vantage Point
The Coach Initiative

"Greatness is not primarily a matter of circumstance; greateness is first and foremost a matter of conscious choice and discipline"

~ Jim Collins, Great By Choice

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