What Clients Say

If you are serious about improving your Leadership & Management skills, strengthening how you coach others and advancing your career, I strongly suggest working with Jerome." ~ Phil Piperni, Vector Aerospace Helicopter Services
Jerome was a valuable resource to me in trying to sort through what steps I needed to take to set myself up for success in my career. It was very useful to have someone listen to me and ask pertinent questions, without being judgmental. It helped me get clarity on my course of action. “  ~ Anna Sloan, Rx Networks
Jerome doesn’t think FOR me. He makes the process for seeking answers easier and more viable so that I can make the better choice. ~ Thomas Liu, Spec-Deas HR Consulting

"I really liked how this workshop allowed participants to actively engage with the materials and practice skills. Nice work."  ~ Michaela W., PhD Consultant and Educator


"Good course content, refreshing approach and engaging format with knowledgeable facilitators."

~ Devirani N., HR Advisor 


"Having used a number of assessment tools, I found DISC to be the simplest and easiest to use. Jerome was very professional in helping me understand the valuable insights provided by DISC Assessment to better connect with clients. I can see how leveraging the use of DISC in my business will bring increased success."

~ Daniel J., Realtor, Sutton Sefair Realty