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What Clients Say

"Jerome was phenomenal. His style is very gentle, so that the heavy influx of information was quite digestible. We were all amazed in what we were able to cover in three hours. Additionally, I was impressed by his handling of veering discussions the Directors undertook as they were absorbing the impact of his wisdom and applying it to their go-forward strategies; he sat forward, watched, listened, recapped, and carried on with the content. It was so expertly managed!"
~ Rebecca Tunnacliffe, CEO
As an Engineer myself, I really appreciated the structured areas such as leadership, execution, systems, and profit Jerome shared with us to be an effective CEO through this Growth Masterminds program. It was well organized and helped me focus monthly on important aspects of my business improvement and growth. It was valuable to meet with fellow group members to gain insights into their problems and potential solutions. Like many CEOs, we can often be attending to fires and short term goals rather than longer term objectives. Jerome led this program professionally, both respecting our limited time yet providing a collaborative space with relevant learning and resources. I would recommend contacting Jerome to take advantage of similar opportunities for your business growth.
~ Edward Li, General Manager, IRDI System
Client Review
After hearing Jerome speak at our Supply Chain Summit, I can say that as a facilitator, I was very impressed with how Jerome is able to engage everyone. His professional and thought-provoking style led to immediate connections within the room and helped me personally to embrace better practices. Highly recommended and I hope we have opportunity to work together in the future." 
~ Richard LaPlume, Supply Chain Program Facilitator
I found the Growth Masterminds program delivered by Jerome Dickey to be an excellent venue to discuss, explore and bounce things off other participants. As a business owner, it’s tough to think about all important aspects of operating and growing success with daily challenges taking up so much time. Jerome led us through relevant topics that gave me new areas to reflect upon, fresh ideas, and additional opportunities which provided me focus on staffing, KPIs, and systems to name a few critical areas of value. Jerome was professional and used his expertise to support our exploration, learning and growth. I would recommend you look at future opportunities to participate with Jerome.
Andrew Tablotney, President, Le Gear Pelling Insurance Agencies Ltd.
Client Review
If you are serious about improving your Leadership & Management skills, strengthening how you coach others and advancing your career, I strongly suggest working with Jerome." 
~ Phil Piperni, Vector Aerospace Helicopter Services
Jerome was a valuable resource to me in trying to sort through what steps I needed to take to set myself up for success in my career. It was very useful to have someone listen to me and ask pertinent questions, without being judgmental. It helped me get clarity on my course of action. “ 
~ Anna Sloan, Rx Networks
Jerome's coaching helped me focus on the positives and what's going right with my team rather than just what we want to improve. He also helped me with my time management and delegation skills. Focusing on spending time improving my strengths as well as my weaknesses helped me realize we should continue to improve across the spectrum of leadership capabilities. I'd certainly recommend Jerome as a professional coach. “ 
~ Karl Albrecht, Manager Catalysis Research at ADM
Jerome doesn’t think FOR me. He makes the process for seeking answers easier and more viable so that I can make the better choice.
~ Thomas Liu, Spec-Deas HR Consulting
I was very happy with this Growth Masterminds program led by Jerome Dickey. As a business owner, it forced me to slow down to really think about critical aspects of my business. Jerome provided well-planned sessions with short learning involving key topics such as strategy, execution, leadership and systems combined with valuable discussion involving other business owners. I appreciated how relevant this program was to growing my business. I would recommend this program and Jerome for the professional approach he brings as a Growth Coach.
Matt Bekar, CEO, Cowichan Souvenir Company

"I really liked how this workshop allowed participants to actively engage with the materials and practice skills. Nice work."  ~ Michaela W., PhD Consultant and Educator


"Good course content, refreshing approach and engaging format with knowledgeable facilitators."

~ Devirani N., HR Advisor 


"Having used a number of assessment tools, I found DISC to be the simplest and easiest to use. Jerome was very professional in helping me understand the valuable insights provided by DISC Assessment to better connect with clients. I can see how leveraging the use of DISC in my business will bring increased success."

~ Daniel J., Leader, Architect, and Educator

Jerome is a coach who has helped me navigate several challenging situations. I consider him my thinking partner. If you are in a leadership role and want a coach who will help you challenge assumptions, call out your limiting beliefs, help you get clarity, and guide you toward new insights, I strongly recommend Jerome Dickey.
~ Edward Pallas, Ed.D, Commander, 5th District, Montgomery County Department of Police
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