Why is DISC the best pick for workplaces?

by Jerome Dickey


Used over one million times last year, DISC Assessment is easy to take, easy to understand and easy to use. I'm excited to now be offering clients this widely used statistically validated behavioural assessment.

We're taught from a very young age to treat others as WE would like to be treated yet when it comes to interpersonal communications and relationships this can be a recipe for disaster! In reality, everyone likes to communicate differently based on what THEY value. For example, a person displaying a high preference for showing emotion may be challenged in working with another person who puts greater value on getting results. Some people value lots of detail, others don't. We communicate with others at a subconscious level depending on what WE value, not necessarily what THEY need. DISC helps people easily understand what the preferences of their style are and how to identify the styles of others to connect more effectively.

Greta the Great


Greta the Great?

by Jerome Dickey


Studying leadership is a fascinating adventure. At first glance, one tends focus on historical leaders like Ghandi, the Dali Lama, Abraham Lincoln, and Nelson Mandela to name but a few who have impacted the world in some important facit. Certainly these people are considered leaders by most people in today's world. But 16 year old, Swedish #GretaThunberg? Isn't she too young? Didn't she just get swept up by social media and thrust into the spotlight? Wasn't she just lucky, being the right place at the right time? Or is there more to it.


What's Your Pivot for 2018?

by Jerome Dickey


"How limiting beliefs hold you back while pivoting can improve reaching your goals"

What is one thing you would have liked to do, complete or accomplish last year in 2017, that you didn't? What stopped you?

For many, the common barriers include limited time, not enough money, other people, changing priorities or one of numerous other reasons your plans got sabotaged. Although these reasons can and often get in the way of goal success, the primary challenges and reasons we don't reach our desired goals often come from our own limiting beliefs.


How to Make 2017 Awesome!

by Jerome Dickey


You can't change the past but you can change the future! Heard that one before? What will make 2017 awesome for you?

Through the leadership coaching I do, I'm grateful for meeting such a variety of talent in leadership roles and sharing in each personal journey of learning and transformation. For those who have experienced professional coaching, you're likely already aware of the shift that is possible to change your future.


Why Coaching is the Best Approach for Leadership & Management Training

by Jerome Dickey


For too many years training courses have been the "go to" solution for leadership development. If a leader or manager needed to enhance communication skills, a course on communications would be offered up. If one needed to enhance their ability to deal with conflict, a course on conflict resolution would meet the need. Such examples of stand-alone course offerings are usually very lucrative and easily repeatable from a delivery perspective but fail to deliver value. Why do training courses often not meet the needs of adult learners?