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Tools & Exercises

We recommend the following tools and exercises to help you and your business leverage Agile Growth! 
AWS Agile Team Charter Form
By engaging in team-based discussion early in the formation of a team, expectations and accountability, commonly labeled “ground rules” are quickly established, enhancing the path to better and faster performance. Together, the discussion and answers to these questions and key areas address the process problems that typically occur in groups and teams. Unfortunately, because group and team norms are often unspoken, members may misinterpret them.
AWS One-on-One Form
One-on-One meetings are one of the most effective tools for leaders yet are often underutilized or conducted poorly, impacting the critical relationship between leaders and their direct reports (employee, staff, managers).
AWS Feedback AID
Using the AWS Feedback AID will help managing the feedback process become more effective. This format will help keep feedback discussions focused and on track to develop more productive outcomes. 
AWS Values Exercise
Your Values are what is important to you in life. Knowing your Values helps you understand what drives you – what you enjoy, inspires you and would like more of.
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