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Jerome Leadership Book Cover

Interested to sharing your leadership learning with others?


Jerome is currently drafting his first book with expected release during 2023/2024.

Who can help?

If you're a CEO or Senior Leader of a business, non-profit, or government organization and want to help grow the next generation of leaders to guide our collective future forward in a positive direction, please let us know.

Looking for 10 leaders from a variety of sectors and industries to share their life learning journey of leadership lessons.



Jerome is fortunate to meet so many amazing leaders through his work focused on developing agile work solutions. Although he guides many businesses, executives, and leaders through coaching, there are many other exceptional leaders who go unnoticed around all of us each day who have deeply developed personal histories of applied leadership. These are the real heroes of practical leadership and their stories often get lost in academic research. Through this book, Jerome will bring to life their careers, leadership learning, and challenges through stories so a new generation of emerging leaders can enhance their own journeys navigating the complexities of leading in a new world of organizational change. By shining a light on popular myths, emerging leaders can be more confident and better prepared to bring innovative ideas to the senior roles they will grow into.


What's required?

An initial 15 minute discussion via a zoom call. Followed by a mutual date/time for a more in-depth 90 minute interview at your convenience by zoom, in-person, or by phone. Some reflective discussion questions will be provided in advance. Some names and details may be changed by the author to protect the privacy of everyone.

All contributors will be provided a complimentary advance copy of the book. Thank you for helping grow our next generation of leaders.

Why is the book titled, "Never Been Fired? Then You Are Not a Real Leader!"?

Contrary to popular myth, leadership can be very difficult and often centers more on self-development than on other people. Behind many personal stories of well known and successful leaders are courageous struggles few are aware of. Struggles which often required a difficult choice between leaning into leadership or stepping away from it. Real leaders more often than not step into leadership at key moments resulting in the leader leaving the organization or being fired. Jerome's book will bring to life these personal experiences and the learning others can leverage into their own leadership development journeys.

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