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Which Growth Accelerators is your Business Missing?

Find out where your opportunities are hidden!

Ambitious CEOs carry an immense responsibility.
Every action they take creates a ripple effect that affects a broad base of customers, employees and communities.
The proven 7 Attributes of Agile Growth® framework arms certified coaches and CEOs with the best tools in the industry to leverage their impact efficiently and thoughtfully, promoting growth and work/life balance in everything they influence. These Growth Accelerators provide for a nimble, evergreen, and holistic framework for business growth.
What's your WHY_
The Leadership Attribute is about ensuring that the leadership team is authentic, healthy, and aligned. The overall success of any organization must begin at the top.
The Talent Attribute is about having the right people to build a culture of accountability, which delivers results. It begins with the senior leadership team developing their own authenticity, health, and alignment.
AWS 940x788 7A Leadership
The Strategy Attribute is about competitive differentiation, leading to strong top-line revenue growth. The process for clarifying these key elements is simple but not easy. It is vital to assuring long-term top-line growth. 
AWS 940x788 7A Execution
The Execution Attribute is about systematically and efficiently converting revenue into profit.  It is coordinating the tactical aspects of the journey to fulfill the strategy in way that is clear, efficient, and effective. This dynamic is simple to plan for, but difficult to achieve.
The Profit Attribute is about fuel for growth: having abundant cash available to create multiple desirable options and to make wise decisions. It results from how the economic engine of your business generates financial resources for achieving short and long term goals.
The Customer Attribute is about your Ideal Core Customer, their problem to solve, the promise you make, and the experience you design to delight them. To effectively execute your strategy, the unconscious mind, where 95% of all cognition takes place, must be considered in the decision-making of customers.
The Systems Attribute is about having the right infrastructure, processes, and technology to scale efficiently and profitably. The intentional design and optimization of business systems is crucial to agile growth where these value-generating processes produce efficiency and economic optimization.

How Our Growth Accelerator Works

AWS 940x788 7A Talent
AWS 940x788 7A Strategy
AWS 940x788 7A Profit
AWS 940x788 7A Customer
AWS 940x788 7A Systems
Our Growth Coach will get you started on the path to your Growth Goals by providing the following Services and Support:
  • Regular Executive Coaching for the CEO 
  • Group Coaching for the Executive Team
  • A Growth Roadmap including the 7 Attributes of Agile Growth
  • DISC Insights for the CEO & the Leadership Team
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Annual Strategy Planning
  • Quarterly Planning 
  • Monthly Planning
  • Latest Business Learning & Insights from Specialized Experts
  • Client Access to Special Events such as Global Speakers on Leading Growth Topics
  • 50+ Tools to Use and Share with your Staff & Teams
  • Conflict Styles for CEO & Leadership Team Members
AWS 940x788 7A
Strategy Execution Success

Find out where your opportunities are hidden!

A simple yet powerful tool developed to help you assess your growth trajectory.
7 Attributes Certified Coach
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