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Ready to Grow Your Leadership Success & Confidence?

In the fast-paced world of business, even the most seasoned leaders face challenges that can hinder their effectiveness and growth. Our executive and leadership coaching helps clients navigate these challenges, enhancing their leadership skills and empowering them to lead with confidence and clarity.

​Typical Coaching Challenges

Decision-Making Under Pressure

Struggling to make critical decisions in high-stakes situations?

Coaching helps leaders develop strategies to enhance decision-making skills, focusing on clarity, confidence, and foresight.

Example: A CEO or Executive Leader facing a major acquisition decision learns to analyze risks and opportunities systematically, leading to a successful merger.


Managing Team Dynamics

Difficulty in managing diverse teams and resolving conflicts?

Coaching develops techniques specific to your situations to foster collaboration, manage conflicts, and create a cohesive team environment.

Example: A project manager who improved team communication and conflict resolution, resulting in a more harmonious and productive team.


Navigating Organizational Change

Are you feeling overwhelmed by rapid changes within the organization?

With coaching you will gain new thinking, approaches, and tools to manage change effectively, ensuring smooth transitions and maintaining team morale.

Example: An executive leading a company through digital transformation successfully guides their team through the transition, maintaining high engagement levels.


Enhancing Emotional Intelligence

Are you struggling with understanding and managing your own emotions and those of others?

Developing your emotional intelligence, you will be better able to connect with team members and stakeholders.

Example: A manager who increased their emotional intelligence to better handle team feedback and improve overall team satisfaction.


Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Experiencing persistent self-doubt and fear of being exposed as a fraud?

Coaching builds self-awareness and confidence to overcome these insecurities.

Example: A newly appointed executive who learned to embrace their achievements and lead with greater confidence.


Work-Life Balance

Having difficulty balancing professional responsibilities with your personal life?

Learn to develop strategies for effective time management and setting boundaries.

Example: A senior manager who achieved a better work-life balance, leading to increased productivity and personal satisfaction.

AWS 940x788 Coaching Review
AWS 940x788 Coaching Review
Executive & Leadership Coaching

For your personal and professional growth, we offer several executive and leadership coaching options, ranging in length from 3 to 12 months
with convenient flexibility to fit any busy professional's schedule. 

Through focused coaching sessions, one on one with an ICF Professional Certified Coach, CEOs, Executives, Founders, Leaders, and Managers can build upon specific, key areas important for leadership and business success. Gaining insights into personal strengths, barriers, mindsets, behaviors and thinking often brings life-changing rewards in both professional and personal dimensions, helping leaders shift into high gear for greater success!
All coaching includes:
  1. Weekly, biweekly, or monthly individual coaching sessions, private and confidential, scheduled at the client's convenience
  2. Jerome Dickey, an International Coach Federation, Professional Certified Coach has helped  hundreds of clients nagivate executive & leadership challenges
  3. Certified DISC Assessment provides clients with powerful insights into their patterns of observable behaviours  
  4. Global video access online through Zoom platform with convenient online calendar for scheduling sessions
  5. Action plan to build a personal development roadmap to your goals
  6. Valuable and carefully selected educational resources specific to the personal needs of each person's development
JeromeDickey Top 15 Coaches in Vancouver 2023
ICF PCC Designation
ICF Member
“Knowing others is intelligence.
Knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength.
Mastering yourself is true power.”

                                       ~ Lao Tzu

Ready to elevate your leadership skills and overcome your professional challenges?
Here’s how you can get started:

Book a Free Consultation: Schedule a complimentary session to discuss your specific needs and how our coaching can help you achieve your goals.

Take the first step towards becoming the leader you aspire to be. 
Get started today with a complimentary 30 minute introductory coaching conversation!
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