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More than an Advisory Board!

When combined with professional facilitation by an experienced and Certified Business Coach, the results from a mastermind group can be profound and extensive for members.

This NOT a quick fix program that will spike performance or focus on promotion that promises to generate 10X leads, rather Growth MASTERMINDS is about developing people, culture and plans that will generate profit 10X!

Think Outside of the Box
What is Growth MASTERMINDS?  

These masterminds are peer-to-peer, small mentoring groups used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members. Participants share experiences, insights and knowledge with facilitation of the group provided by a professional, experienced, C
ertified Business & Executive Growth Coach with over 20 years experience. The concept of mastermind groups has been around for almost 100 years yet many CEOs, Founders and Entrepreneurs are missing out on this proven powerful form of action learning. Instead, too often we see business and organizational leaders wasting time and money on unneeded additional training courses. Now is the time to try our Growth MASTERMINDS group that fits with your schedule. 

Growth MASTERMINDS utilizes a cohort approach where a small group of peer participants (max.10) commit to regular discussion and learning (2 hrs) to explore the real business challenges participants are experiencing.  Participants leave each meeting with actions to implement in their business right away! 

By having the professional experience of a Certified Business & Executive Growth Coach, using tools of the 7 Attributes, plus focused action learning, participants are guaranteed to solve difficult business problems as they learn and grow in a proven, science-backed, fun and dynamic way that formal training courses can NOT provide.

The group context of our cohort approach enhances the ability of participants to share personal experiences, build trusted networks and promote a richer dialogue of learning in a confidential and private small group. Often, participants will continue to coach each other after the final session together as friendships are built. 

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Two heads are definitely better than one and by brainstorming as a team, and sourcing ideas from each other, you have a better chance of coming up with a strategy that will allow your business to overcome a setback or challenge.
~ Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Group

Growth Benefits for Participants
  • Confidential & private space for CEOs, Executives, or Founders of a Small Medium Businesses to think bigger and stretch beyond personal limitations

  • Structured identification of key business challenges for breakthrough growth

  • Non competitive sharing through strategic, diverse peer discussions

  • Access unique skills, experiences and connections with peers also growing their business

  • Action learning drives practical solutions to be implemented immediately

  • Develop advanced leadership & business skills

  • Learn industry trends & agile growth drivers: strategy, execution, people, systems, profit, leadership, and customers

  • Think different, bigger and stretch beyond personal limitations

  • Expand your trusted network exponentially and rapidly

  • More than an advisory board for your Small Medium Business

  • NOT a quick fix program to spike performance, focus on promotion, or lead generation

  • NOT a replacement for current training offerings – solidifies the practical application of all learning through action!

  • NOT a start-up program or incubator – for established SME businesses only

  • (min. 2+ years; 10+ employees; $2M+ revenue)

  • NOT for solopreneurs

  • NOT a sector specific group (only one, non-competing business per sector permitted)

  • NOT a drop-in program (commitment to participation & attendance required)

  • 8 sessions x 2 hours
  • $1100 per participant (plus GST for Canadian participants)
  • All participants will have an introductory individual call with the Coach Facilitator prior to starting
  • Includes Quick Start Alignment Tool, giving you important insights into your business challenges and Growth Accelerators for breakthrough growth
  • Sessions are delivered online via Zoom (optional: with agreement of all group participants, and any sponsoring organization, the initial session and/or last session may be held in-person subject to conditions
  • All participants are required to submit a brief questionnaire upon application, be approved by the facilitator, and sign an agreement specifying terms and conditions upon acceptance
How to Get On a Path to Solid Growth
  1. Complete                                                (5 mins)
  2. Application will be reviewed for terms and best fit with appropriate group  (you will be contacted with 5 - 7 days)
  3. Invoice, Payment, and Welcome Email
  4. Coach Facilitator will set up an introductory call (15 mins)
  5. Attend, participate, and grow your businesses & leadership to the next level!
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2023 AWS Growth MASTERMINDS groups:
Open Enrollment

AWS Growth MASTERMINDS - Open Enrollment

Registration Application for 2023 open now! 

Monthly, 1st Wednesday, 12-2pm pt

Online via Zoom #1B2023

AWS Growth MASTERMINDS - Open Enrollment

Registration Application for 2023 open now! 

Monthly, 3rd Wednesday, 9-11 am

Online via Zoom  #1C2023

AWS Growth MASTERMINDS - Open Enrollment

Registration Application for 2023 open now! 

Monthly, 2nd Wednesday, 3-5pm pt

Online via Zoom #2C2023

Chamber Exclusive

AWS Growth MASTERMINDS - Richmond Chamber

Registration Application for 2023 open now! 

Monthly, 2nd Wednesday, 9-11am pt 

Online via Zoom  #2A2023

Starts June 14th!

Exclusive to Richmond Chamber of Commerce members with a special member rate!


Join the Chamber if you want to take part in this valuable opportunity!

Richmond Chamber of Commerce

Watch for your own Chamber of Commerce or Board of Trade 

AWS Growth MASTERMINDS Group here!

Contact your Chamber or Board of Trade for more information.


AWS Masterminds Customer Review

More than an Advisory Board for your Small Medium Business


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