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How does mediation work to resolve disputes?

Mediate. Manage relationships.
Maintain positive workplace culture.

AWS 940x788 Mediator
"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."
                                                                  - Albert Einstein

Mediation is a very powerful process to resolving disputes by addressing the needs of all parties involved. It's fast, very effective, preserves critical workplace relationships while strengthening organizational culture. Mediation can empower organizations to resolve conflicts faster, at less cost and with greater buy-in from parties than is possible with arbitration and/or litigation.


It works because its central purpose is to encourage the parties to engage directly with each other through professional guidance and facilitation. Ask us how mediation can help you.

10 Reasons Why Mediation is Better

1.   Avoid unpredictable outcomes

2.   Focus is on resolution, not battle

3.   Maintain your privacy

4.   Costs far less than litigation

5.   Create win-win agreements

6.   Less stress

7.   Go at your own pace

8.   Preserve relationships

9.   Tell your story and be heard

10. Improve communications


AWS 940x788 workplace mediation

"With the increasing use of investigations for workplace and other complaints, the high cost of such investigations has driven a new demand for pre-investigation attempts at mediation. The advantages and challenges of mediating such cases prior to commencing investigations are somewhat unique. We explore a variety of techniques to capture the advantages while minimizing challenges, and identify a variety of options for resolving such disputes early and at lower overall cost." Read More

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