The Simple Way to Solve Problems

It is very interesting that one of the most powerful techniques for creating adaptive organizations has been kept such a secret! About twenty years ago I was immersed deep into Six Sigma and Lean for some interesting workplace process improvement projects and eventual certification. There I discovered a very useful but simple tool that could be utilized in workshops or meetings with ease and would become part of my leadership self-development as a reflective tool to enhance thinking when considering any type of problem or challenge. So why don't more people know about this simple secret and use it more?

How often as a manager has an employee or group of employees raised a problem and someone offers up an instant solution and the problem is solved? How often did this same problem show up again later or in other ways after implementing the instant solution? Too often the rush to solve a problem quickly in our over-scheduled work lives leaves little time to spend on getting to the "root" of a problem. As a result, the root or real cause of the problem remains hidden, only to emerge again later, taking up more time and adding new frustrations. Here is a simple example. A mac