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Why is DISC the best pick for workplaces?

Used over one million times last year, DISC Assessment is easy to take, easy to understand and easy to use. I'm excited to now be offering clients this widely used statistically validated behavioural assessment.

We're taught from a very young age to treat others as WE would like to be treated yet when it comes to interpersonal communications and relationships this can be a recipe for disaster! In reality, everyone likes to communicate differently based on what THEY value. For example, a person displaying a high preference for showing emotion may be challenged in working with another person who puts greater value on getting results. Some people value lots of detail, others don't. We communicate with others at a subconscious level depending on what WE value, not necessarily what THEY need. DISC helps people easily understand what the preferences of their style are and how to identify the styles of others to connect more effectively.

A DISC Assessment takes no more than 15 minutes to answer online multiple choice questions. Participants are then provided their Natural and Adaptive Styles laid out in a simple one-page format for easy reference. Each customized participant report also includes one page summaries with valuable insights focused on: (1) The Elements of DISC (2) The DISC Dimensions (3) Style Summary (4) Behavioural Strengths (5) Communication (6) Ideal Job Climate (7) Effectiveness (8) Behavioral Motivations (9) Continual Improvement (10) Training & Learning Style (11) Relevance (12) Success Connection. These quick reference guides can be utilized in many situations.

How can DISC be used as a foundation for improving communication, productivity and effectiveness?

  • Develop a greater appreciation for the behavioral diversity within their organization and those of their team members and clients

  • Understand their own strengths, opportunities and blind spots

  • Learn how to interact more effectively by adapting their behavior, pace, tone and words

  • Acquire a new 'language' that enables participants to become more harmonious and successful in daily interactions

Clients are always amazed at what they learn about self and how they show up in various situations, benefiting from a deeper understanding of what is working well and where challenges are occurring or even hindering their best performance. Clients then discover the potential of connecting with other style combinations and how this can change the relationships in their life in so many positive ways.

In life, we have to communicate with people. Not everybody is just like us, and not everybody will communicate the same way we do. Making people feel comfortable and safe around you is a great way to get them to open up. Keep it simple and let DISC help you.

DISC assessments are used worldwide in thousands of organizations of all sizes, major governmental agencies, non-profits, and Fortune 500 companies.

For more information on using DISC Assessment in your organization or our Communications & Team Building Workshops, contact Jerome.


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